McNerney Real Estate

McNerney Real Estate maintains over 150 acres of land and lease space in Northwood, Ohio (NW Ohio) near I-75, I-280, SR-795 and I-80/90, considered to be the most desirable transportation corridor in the Midwest. Flex space options for lease and sale include 4,000–25,000 square feet. Office, warehouse, manufacturing and service industries are represented business types in McNerney facilities providing office space, warehouse space, truck wells, and abundant storage yards.

McNerney Park

McNerney Park is home to numerous companies that have found it to be an ideal location. The park is centrally located off of I-75 near the Ohio Turnpike, in an enterprise zone that offers real estate and personal property abatements. The park's occupants include distribution firms, technology companies and manufacturing concerns. Acreage available in McNerney Park ranges from 1-8 acre lots. Lots are priced from $35,000 - 45,000 per acre. A map of the industrial park shows some of the tenants and the plots that are still available for development. more >>

Available Properties

McNerney Park offers many amenities to its guests. There are nearly two dozen companies residing in the park taking advantage of the park's zoning and tax abatements. With a centralized location and all utilities available, McNerney Park is the right solution. more >>

Park News

Click here for the latest park news, dues and requirements for owners and tenants. more >>