Protective Covenants

Requirements for Owners and Tenants

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  1. Buildings, additions, exterior renovations, fences, walls, signs, or other structures shall be submitted to WRIC/McNerney Park or McNerney & Son, Inc. for approval prior to commencement and shall be maintained when in place. Submission shall indicate nature, kind, shape, dimension and heights, type, material, color scheme and location.
  2. Alterations – submit to WRIC/McNerney Park or McNerney & Son, Inc. for approval prior to commencement.
  3. Owners and tenants shall submit a landscaping plan. Landscaping shall be installed within six (6) months from date of building occupancy.
  4. All grades and slopes to receive WRIC/McNerney park or McNerney & Son, Inc. approval, as well as finished floor elevation of all proposed structures.
  5. Materials, supplies, merchandise and equipment shall be stored in approved underground or above-grade structures or containers
  6. WRIC/McNerney Park or McNerney & Son, Inc. shall exercise and require its control and approval on aerial towers, antennae, radio wires, etc., to be erected on the premises.
  7. No advertising signs, whether affixed to structure, windows or site shall be erected on a temporary or permanent basis without approval of WRIC/McNerney Park or McNerney & Son, Inc.
  8. All Owners and Tenants shall maintain an unobstructed landscaped front yard for a minimum of 75 feet in depth.
  9. Control of nuisance shall meet with WRIC/McNerney Park or McNerney & Son, Inc. approval including, but not limited to sound, smoke, pollution, etc.
  10. Site Coverage:
    Adequate space for landscaped frontage, on site parking, trucks maneuvering and loading:
    1. Frontage used for landscaping and daytime guest parking only.
    2. Truck unloading – Semi's over-the-road and large trucks; truck wells to the rear on compacted stone surface. Inside loading rear or side.
    3. Equipment and truck parking in rear – screened from view.
    4. Trucks and equipment in multi-tenant and condominium buildings shall be kept within 50 feet of Tenant's (or Owners')unit.
  11. Repair, maintenance and/or replacement of water, sewer or storm lines and facilities shall be shared equally with all Owners and/or tenants who utilize lines .
  12. McNerney & Son, Inc. or its appointee, can exercise right to utilize easement space if in its best interests to run utility lines.

McNerney Park Recent Improvement Projects

  • Norris retaining pond dredging and pump replacement.
  • Howard retaining pond clearing and installation of new concrete pump basin.
  • Installation of added power lines to connect electrical as a continuous loop (to minimize power disruptions during line outages.)

Park Dues

Annual Park dues are mailed out at beginning of December and are due in full by the 10th of January.